Friday, November 5, 2010

Real Estate's Election Returns!

Been waiting for the Election to be over? Well it is and the rates are projected to stay low on Mortgage Loans well into 2011 so it's time to talk Real Estate! If you have not yet made the most important investment of your life, buying a home, then this is your year! First time buyers will enjoy some of the lowest prices AND interest rates in history and that combination doesnt come along often! If you havent started to save for your down payment, DO IT NOW! The amount of money you have saved may be the determining factor on what you can buy! While your monthly financial ability may allow you to pay more, if you do not have what it takes to put down on your home, you may find yourself being limited to what you have to invest in cash! So give up that morning designer coffee and expensive lunches out and save up for your new home and be one of the lucky ones who buys low in hopes on one day SELLING HIGH!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Market is Heating Up with Home Sales!

The temperatures are not the only thing getting hotter in Houston these days! The Real Estate market is showing signs of blossoming into full summer color with prices and availability increasing! As luck would have it, a well groomed credit score can get you a low interest loan making a purchase at it's prime! But like all blooms, this one will also wither with the advent of Fall so make your plans now to get out there and be a part of this soon to fade opportunity. Watch your Real Estate section in your local paper and get out and visit some Open Houses this weekend. Ask your Realtor about how to get pre-qualified for a loan and how to get the current market value of your property and get it on the market while activity is still at it's peak. This is the time to clean out the closets, replace that rotting wood and touch up the paint. Get your property looking good and ready for the market. Don't miss out on the 2010 garden of values awaiting your big chance to trade up your daisy mum for a rose in full bloom! See you at the open houses!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home for the Holidays!

No plans this weekend? Check out the Sunday Real Estate pages and plan a staycation in your home town! There are dozens of beautiful homes, condos and townhomes open this weekend for you to tour! Need to get some decorating ideas? Getting your home ready to sell? Looking for your perfect chance to upgrade? Well this is a great way to launch any of those projects! Get out and check out the homes on the market and see what's available! This will give you the information you need to start the process of selling your home or purchasing a new one! See how the homes in your market size up to yours and identify the amenities that your own home may have to offer over the competition! Watch for opportunities to purchase your new home with the amenities you have been looking for! See how the professionals ready a home for sale making the property more appealing by staging it with attractive furnishings and accessories! The market is heating up and the inventory is showing signs of shorter market times so don't be one of the buyers that misses out! Make sure you get your home for the holidays!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Changing Real Estate Opportunities!

The new statistics are in! The gap between the available product and the number of closings is narrowing! That means that there will be fewer and fewer choices for those buyers entering the market if the trend continues. This is one of those good news-bad news scenarios where the sellers will receive a higher price for their home and the buyers will have to pay more! This is true in nearly ever sector of the market including single-family, townhomes & condos and even some light commercial. The only exception seems to be for the high rise condo market where HAR is reporting a 37 month inventory. So my advice is to get out there and get your home on the market or start your property search! Time is a wasting and there is still opportunity to get in on not only a better than average selection, but low interest rates that are not forecasted to last! Call your Realtor to get started today!