Thursday, January 21, 2010

Changing Real Estate Opportunities!

The new statistics are in! The gap between the available product and the number of closings is narrowing! That means that there will be fewer and fewer choices for those buyers entering the market if the trend continues. This is one of those good news-bad news scenarios where the sellers will receive a higher price for their home and the buyers will have to pay more! This is true in nearly ever sector of the market including single-family, townhomes & condos and even some light commercial. The only exception seems to be for the high rise condo market where HAR is reporting a 37 month inventory. So my advice is to get out there and get your home on the market or start your property search! Time is a wasting and there is still opportunity to get in on not only a better than average selection, but low interest rates that are not forecasted to last! Call your Realtor to get started today!