Friday, November 5, 2010

Real Estate's Election Returns!

Been waiting for the Election to be over? Well it is and the rates are projected to stay low on Mortgage Loans well into 2011 so it's time to talk Real Estate! If you have not yet made the most important investment of your life, buying a home, then this is your year! First time buyers will enjoy some of the lowest prices AND interest rates in history and that combination doesnt come along often! If you havent started to save for your down payment, DO IT NOW! The amount of money you have saved may be the determining factor on what you can buy! While your monthly financial ability may allow you to pay more, if you do not have what it takes to put down on your home, you may find yourself being limited to what you have to invest in cash! So give up that morning designer coffee and expensive lunches out and save up for your new home and be one of the lucky ones who buys low in hopes on one day SELLING HIGH!