Friday, November 27, 2009

Buying a Home for the Holidays!

While change is always difficult to approach with it's unknown outcome, it brings with it the opportunity for opportunity! The Real Estate market of 2009 has deviated from past markets with tighter requirements for financing and irregular pricing, however, there exists many wonderful choices especially for those that qualify for the recent tax incentives. The importance of minding your financial health takes on a new meaning in this discerning environment for mortgage approval but if you can make some changes and even a few sacrifices, you may be able to buy yourself a home for the holidays! If you do not have the means to be able to access your credit report, consider signing up for one of the services that allow you to monitor it and watch for irregularities that could affect your score. If you have not started to save some cash towards your purchase, you may also want to sit down and figure out how to do without some of your unnecessary expenditures such as brewing coffee at home instead of stopping by your favorite spot each morning for a latte, or taking your lunch to the office. Just a few small lifestyle changes might be able to afford you that Home for the Holidays you have always hoped for before years end!

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