Monday, November 23, 2009

Local Home Sales Up in 2009!

Are you still sitting around wondering when it will be the right time to sell your home or buy a new one? Well, get off of the sofa, because the news is here! Home sales are up this quarter and there are no signs that will change! Interest rates are favorable, inventories are good and the Tax Credit is icing on the cake! Afraid that your home might sell for less than you expect? Well, chances are the one you buy might also, so take the leap and get out there and make your move! While there has been a correction in the market, prices are holding substantially higher than overall predictions and economic conditions are believed to be doing the same. Pick up the newspaper or check out the latest news predictions for 2010. I think you will agree that while things are not expected to be rising at rapid rates, we have some signs that the correction in the market might be the reason for the stability that is expected for the first quarter of the coming year. So go ahead and put the kids in the car and check out the open houses this Sunday and talk to your real estate professional about listing your existing home. Remember, if you can get your closing to happen before year end, you will be eligible for the Homestead exemption and that can mean a savings of around 20% on your property taxes in Texas!

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